Make today a better day

Sometimes days just don’t go as planned and it can seem that either everyone has woken on the wrong side of the bed or that everything we try to do goes wrong.

But we always have a chance to try to turn it around. By just doing a few simple, little things we CAN have a better day

  • Tell yourself that today is a better day saying to yourself that today will be great and marvellous or just happy, can have a great effect. Saying to yourself that today is going to be a good day will help give you a positive attitude. The power of our mind is strong so feed your mind with positive things.

  • Take it easy Take things easy. Does everything need to be done now? What would make you really feel better and more relaxed? When was the last time you relaxed & took some time for yourself? Are you in the right headspace to make those decisions right now? Breathe deeply and slowly. If you are feeling rushed, take a deep breath and remind yourself of all the things you are happy about.

  • Prioritise your list keeping a list of things you need to do or things you are worried about, basically a brain dump! can help you to have a clearer view, prioritise what’s important and see that somethings may not be as overwhelming as you thought.

  • Get Some inspiration & support Give yourself a boost with some inspiration. Read, listen or watch something that can perk your day up. Speak to positive friends, get outside, do some exercise or play some music.

  • Eat healthily The food & drink you put in your body can greatly affect your mood. Water, whole grains, protein, vegetables, and fruits can give you nutrients, hydration, energy and all over glow to get you ready for the day.

  • Stress-free exercise Stretching & moving your muscles is scientifically proven to improve your mood. Though we don’t always need to push ourselves hard and break a sweat to feel the benefits. Sometimes this can actually increase our, already high, levels of stress. Try something slower-paced than your usual exercise.

  • Beautify yourself Give yourself some love by taking some time to devote to your outer-self. Give your hair, skin, nails, hands, feet and face a treat or put on your favourite outfit. Feeling good on the outside can make you feel good on the inside.

  • Compliment yourself remind yourself of all of the things you like about yourself. We often make time to compliment others and we know it makes us feel good to receive compliments. Be as kind to yourself as you are to your friends.

  • Leave yesterday behind try to let go of the things that made yesterday hard. You can’t change them, holding on to them and the feelings that go with them will keep your mood low. Focus on all the things you can do now.

  • Get some space it is often difficult to find time to ourselves when we have to factor in family, work, chores and friends. It leaves us little time to clear our heads and allow our thoughts and feelings to process. Give yourself time to be by yourself without distraction.

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