Hello Plankers!

In all of our classes and personal training sessions we have had a strong focus on core work this term. People talk a lot about core exercises, core stability and having a strong core but do you know what the benefits are?

Well apart from awesome abs and a flatter tummy you should also, benefit from:

Increased mobility. Mobility basically means your ability to move your body freely and easily. This will have an effect on all movement: running, walking, dancing, exercising, twisting, lifting, carrying, reaching and bending.

Increased strength. By strengthening your core first you will be able to increase your strength and technique in all other areas of your training and reduce your risk of injury. So basically I can make you work harder 😂

Increased balance. We demand an awful lot of our bodies on a daily basis, who hasn’t been stood on a chair on one leg reaching for something heavy on a top shelf? Our balance is key to our movement and if we can improve this we can move more.

Improved posture. Modern life has changed our posture. Most of us now spend on average 9.5 hours a day sitting, although try telling the children that! A strong core will help you to maintain good posture at all times, even when sitting.

Keep planking!!

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