Self-isolation & Self-care

We are in the early days of self-isolation due to the coronavirus. For many, it brings with it the heavyweight of uncertainty around jobs and finances, tremendous pressure on families trying to homeschool their children and juggle working from home, fear and anxiety around becoming ill and the welfare of loved ones and difficulties in getting the usual supplies of food and essentials to our homes.

When life around us feels out of control it can cause us to feel anxious, stressed, fearful and overwhelmed. Taking charge of the things we CAN control in our lives is an essential part of self-care. In turn, taking care of ourselves can give us the energy and ability to look after those around us.

Mind @mindcharity recommend nourishing your social life. With self-isolation keeping in touch with family, friends and neighbours, for both yourselves and your children, is important to help you feel connected to others. It can help you feel valued and confident about yourself and can give you a different perspective on things.