Running - Injury Prevention

When starting or re-discovering exercise a lot of us turn to running. It’s convenient, you’re in control of the time, distance & effort and you don't need special equipment.

Here are some useful tips to help you keep your body fit, healthy and avoid injury:

  • Follow a running plan: There are plenty of them out there from couch to 5k, 5k to 10k, half-marathon & marathon. Running plans are designed by experts to gradually progress your running fitness and therefore speed & distance, without over straining your body.

  • Warm-up & Cool-down: this is so important for every run and you’ll see is included in EVERY training plan at every level. A proper warm-up & cool-down will help avoid common running injuries. This is as simple as starting and finishing with a walk or slow pace jog.

  • Activation exercises: These exercises are used to ”switch on” muscles before you use them and are particularly important if you are new to exercise. They help to make sure you’re using the correct muscles and not overloading others. Common activation exercises include: glute bridges, single leg gute bridges, calf raises, step calf raises, high knee march, heels to butt walks, straight leg extensions front & back and side leg lifts.

  • Strengthening exercises: Having a training program for strengthening the main muscles you will be using will not only help improve your performance but will again keep your muscles, ligaments, tendons & joints protected and healthy. Squats, lunges, deadlifts, single leg exercises and core strengthening would be a great starting point. For tainingg plans contact Sian.

  • Stretching, foam rolling sports massage: The more we do the harder our body has to work. Helping your muscles to rest and recover is just as important as the training. Overly tight muscles can cause not only injuries but other aches and pains, like back pain, that you may not associate with your running.

If you would like any advice on the above please contact @sianrickardpt

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