Make a Plan

What’s your plan?

When making plans and setting goals with my clients these are the steps we go through.

Decide you goal - sometimes we have many goals. Pick the one that feels the most important to you right now. Asking yourself why a few times helps to figure this out.

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Choose a time frame - Our bodies don’t change and adapt immediately and fast changes usually require big sacrifices & lifestyle changes. Set a realistic and achievable time frame thinking about what you can really give up or change for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

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Set weekly tasks- set small tasks that are most likely to get you to your goals. You want to feel 8-9 / 10 confident that you can keep doing these consistently in your timeframe before tackling a new task. For example: I will run once a week for 30 minutes.

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Create a schedule & track progress - actually booking things into our calendar makes us more likely to do them. Take some time to think about what you feel you can successfully fit into your current schedule. Tracking our food, our exercise and our progress not only gives us more awareness of our patterns, habits, strength, speed, fitness and achievements but it is also proven to make us more successful in reaching our goals by making us more accountable and aware.

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Make it do-able, be flexible & stick with it - We can often be impatient or over-keen, making us blind to the reality of the sacrifice & change needed. Be kind to yourself & your body. There is no harm in making it easy for yourself, have a plan b, c & d. Sometimes what you set out to do doesn’t work out or fit. Trial and error, adaptability & flexibility will all help you to NOT give-up & STICK WITH IT!

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