Have you been dazed, confused or both?


It’s been quite entertaining this month. You are all obviously working hard when exercising as the ”processing instructions” part of the brain has been switching off quite a bit. There has been A LOT of blank faces and random exercises being performed! But don't worry as you can read in the following article regular exercise improves memory & thinking skills!



The confusion this month has been around all of the information that's out there regarding diet & nutrition.

TV, newspapers, magazines, social media and businesses can bombard us with all sorts of information about what we should & shouldn't eat and wh

y. Most of it can come across as very plausible (especially if you chuck in a photo of a guy in a white coat!) but unfortunately, a lot of it is unfactual, incorrect or just made up! If you would like to know more about diet and nutrition it is better to read articles from reputable sources, see links below for your reading pleasure:





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