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Updated: Apr 12, 2019

4 to 6 weeks into your new healthy eating and exercise regimens can feel like a lifetime and motivating yourself each day can become really hard.

There is no secret recipe or magic to keep going, as much as we all wish there was. However there are some things you can do to help.

1. Look at what you’ve already managed to achieve. Some trainers conduct a fitness test, some people weigh themselves, some people use how their clothes fit and some use how many exercises they can do or how far they can walk/run/cycle. Write it down so you don’t forget and keep it in your wallet, on the fridge, at your desk or for complete subtlety stick it to your front door.

2. Recruit a cheerleader! We all respond to encouragement and praise, it makes us feel acknowledged and good about what we are doing. So why not chat to someone: partner, family member, friend, work colleague or trainer. Let them know you’ve hit a wall and you will be surprised at how a little bit of support can boost your morale.

3. Try something new. Now could be the right time to shake it up a bit. You could simply try  some new healthy recipes, set yourself a new goal or challenge, buddy up for exercise or try a totally new form of exercise. Boredom can play a big part in a lack of motivation but there is absolutely no reason why health & fitness should be boring. Use your imagination and keep it fun.

4. Charity, charity, charity. For an extra feeling of commitment why not sign up for a charitable challenge. You could pledge to lose a set amount of weight, sign up for a walk, run, bike or assault course or commit to your new regime for a set number of weeks/months. Helping others makes us feel good, especially if it is a cause we can relate to. Put some fire in your belly and money in the charity’s pocket.

5. Dangle a carrot. Who doesn’t like a treat? Let’s face it you are working hard at this! Why not book in a treat for a few weeks time. Dinner with friends, spa treatment, holiday, cooking your favourite dessert….the list is endless as will be your desire to keep going.

6. Focus on the positives It’s all too easy to find a negative reason to do or not do something. Haven’t we all seen a hideous picture and vowed to change? How long has the motivation for that change lasted? Realistic goals concentrate on what CAN be achieved and it’s those achievements that make you WANT to do more.

7. A little is more than nothing! When you’re feeling about as motivated as a sloth and the sofa is calling try just doing a little bit. If you were going to do a 1 hour class but can’t face it go for a 20 min run or a 30 min walk. Break out the dusty exercise videos and workout at home when you can’t get out of the house. Or just do 10 of as many exercises as you can remember.

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