When it comes to losing body fat our nutrition (what we eat and drink) counts for 80% of our success. Exercise alone will make us fitter but won’t necessarily get us to our fat loss goals. However, exercise will speed up the rate at which our bodies can burn calories and therefore speed up fat loss.

There are many different views on how best to adjust your nutrition to lose body fat. I believe that there are basic principles of nutrition that all of our bodies follow but that adjusting what and how we eat is a very individual process. If we eat rubbish, we are going to feel rubbish. If we eat good healthy food that is full of energy, we are going to feel full of energy.

I like to look at how you live, why you eat how you do, where you shop, what you cook, what your family eat, what food you like or don’t like and what your goals are in order to work out what changes can be made and how sustainable those changes are.

Most of the time achieving fat loss through nutrition is not about calorie counting or cutting things from our diets. It is more about being present and aware of what we are eating and drinking, learning how our bodies work and what they need so that we can make informed choices, planning and preparation and changing behaviours through repetition of new behaviour.

There are a lot of tools out there to help us through this process. Calorie counting and food diaries are useful to help us build awareness but they are not a lifestyle choice. In the end making small changes and improvements to what we already eat and enjoy will most likely get us the best results.

If we can learn we can change if. If we can be consistent we will achieve.

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