Some fat loss tips to get you started:
1. Portion control – Check your portion sizes. Your protein portion should be roughly the size of your hand as should your carbohydrates.
2. Cut out or cut back on Sugar – when we are tired or busy our bodies need fuel. Quite often we interpret our bodies scream for energy into eating calorie dense, nutrient poor foods. Focus on Wholegrains, protein and vegetables to keep your energy levels high.
3. Exercise – If you feel healthy you will be healthy. Exercise has positive affects on your mood and well being as well as all the associated health benefits improving your heart & lung health, strength, balance, agility & speed.
4. Rewards – everyone likes a Well Done! Keep your rewards in line with your goals to ensure you stay motivated and on track.
5. Increase your general daily activity – walk, run, dance, play, climb. On average people spend about 9.5 hours per day sitting when added on to your sleep time that’s a whopping 17 hours per day NOT moving.
6. Keep changes simple – If it’s hard or complicated is it sustainable?
7. Set realistic goals with realistic timeframes – On average people lose 1-2lbs / 0.5-1kg per week. Do the math and add on contingency weeks to keep your goals achievable
8. Habitual changes – Willpower may get you through but habits can last a lifetime. Repetition is key to creating new habits and habitual behaviour is second nature which means it’s easier to be how you want to be.
9. Healthy menu choices – We all like to eat out or treat ourselves to a takeaway but it doesn’t have to be a goal stopper. Do some prior research if you know where you’re eating, compare nutrition information labels, or just simply avoid the carbohydrates or creamy sauce and pick vegetable options
10. Achievements – Always remember how much you’ve done already. We can too easily lose sight of our achievements when we are so committed to our goals. Motivate yourself with mini goals that you have already smashed. Turning up beats not turning up.

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