Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness…it’s a pain


If you have begun a new exercise regimen you have probably or will probably experience a bout of DOMS. 

It is very common for anyone new to exercise, or, starting a different type of exercise and occurs within 24-72 hours affecting the muscles worked.

If you are struggling to walk up and down stairs, change gear in the car or sit down & get up from a chair here are some useful tips to get you through:

  1. Active Rest – have you noticed that the longer you don’t move for the worse the DOMS feel when you then decide to get going? Active rest can help remove the waste products in your body that have built up from exercise and can help ease the pain. So go for a walk, a slow jog, dance around your kitchen or have a swim. Remember exercise is good for you 😉
  2. Stretch it out – Stretch at the end of your workout and continue to stretch regularly for the next few days, especially after a warm bath or shower. Include dynamic stretches (stretches through movement) as well as static stretches.
  3. Massage – Massage using a foam roller or just rolling a broom handle or rolling pin up & down your legs/arms etc will help ease the pain & increase the flexibility of those tight muscles.
  4. Hot & Cold – grab a hot water bottle or ice pack & take the weight off whilst they get to work.

Just remember it is normal to get DOMS. Everyone who exercises experiences it no matter what their level of fitness. It can last 3-5 days.

Don’t get put off. Wear the pain like a badge of honour and let everyone know just how hard you worked to achieve it!

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