What is Sian talking about? Glutes

What is Sian talking about?
Now most of you will have heard me talking about your Glutes, mainly asking you to squeeze them. But there is often a slight glaze that goes along with the nod of the head so I thought I’d explain why I keep going on about your bottoms.

Your bottom contains one of the largest muscle groups in your body: 

The Gluteal muscles
  • The Gluteus Maximus – As the name suggests this is the “gladiator” of the 3 muscles
  • Gluteus medius – The “supportive wife” of the maximus
  • Gluteus minimus – The other “supportive wife” 

The glutes help support your body when you stand and when you move, they also help you balance.
When your glutes are strong it positively impacts EVERY activity you do.

When your glutes are weak you increase the pressure on your hamstrings (often creating a feeling of tightness) and all the connected tendons and ligaments which can then affect other joints and muscles such as the lower back, knees, calf muscles and hips. This will increase the risk of injury to these areas.

An important part of exercising your glutes is activation. This involves performing exercises such as our glute bridges or the dreaded plank leg lift. Performing these exercises before any other exercise will really help you to get the most out of your workout as it reminds your brain how to use these muscles.

So when I tell you to squeeze your bottom you know now it’s not just for aesthetics although it does look nicer.

To increase your glute strength why not book a Personal Training session or attend one of the Circuit Training classes.

New circuit training classes

We’re adding a new circuit training class to our weekly schedule so you can start your weekend feeling strong and healthy. Our Friday morning class will start at 9:15am this week at Plaxtol Cricket Club.

Now I know how much you all miss training, especially when the DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness) are in full swing and what better way to ease those aching muscles than to do more exercise!! 

Yay!! I hear you cry. (mainly crying)

This class will be our usual format, so it’s anybody’s guess what will be included, you’ll just have to come along to see what fun things are in store.

Why not share all the details of our classes and the other services we offer with friends and family. You can introduce them to the website, facebook page or instagram but if they aren’t quite ready to take on a class you can introduce them to the free videos on YouTube

For more information see our classes page or contact me for more information.

The Easter holiday’s will soon be upon us (Saturday 6th April – Monday 22nd April) and many of you will be trying to juggle your usual fitness routine around the children. Well, never fear as Sian is here.

This Easter we will be running FAMILY CIRCUIT TRAINING classes.

I will do my best to try and exhaust them for you whilst you work up your usual sweat. The workouts will be focussed on fun, interval training and strength.

Please complete the following questionnaire regarding dates and attendees for EASTER HOLIDAY CLASSES

I will confirm which circuit training classes will run once I have a clear idea of numbers. Confirmation will be sent by email and prepayment may be required.

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